Aleksander Ryszka

The first impression of Alexander’s Ryszka work can be deceiving. His paintings may seem just a modern approach to landscape painting. After a while, however one can see that the landscape is there only to show us how unreachable it really is. Its beauty and clarity is hidden behind layers of destruction done by the artist. The charming works which Ryszka tiresomely blurs and smashes are on one hand a sign that he wants to dissociate himself from the subtlety and roots of traditional painting. On the other hand however they also express his nostalgia for the forgotten strength of the paintings’ impact. His art can be described as a screaming contemplation which does not resort to new media, it does not try to manifest any totalitarian drives by surpassing the chosen medium. The fight for the meaning of art is taking place within the limits of Ryszka’ s canvas.

Exhibitions at Propaganda:

Painter Wrote

Line Y


All I Want Is You

Blue the Most Beautiful Color in the World

Ain’t No Grave

Small is Big