Adam Jastrzebski

Adam Jastrzebski

Adam Jastrzebski consistently develops the project started in 2007, entitled Vinylowiec.

Both, the name of the project and the plan itself, refer to the dynamic changes occurring in the body, specifically to the morphology. Similar to components of blood (granulocytes, lymphocytes, monocytes) multiplying in the living body, the forms created on the canvases of the artist continue to divide and form again.

An unusual variegation of works and their complicated configurations remind compositions created using the kaleidoscope. As the artist defined his project, Vinylowiec is completely independent from the arbitrary content, natural and completely autonomous.

For the purposes of his work the artist has developed his own unique language – vinylogos – the graphic record of the development and construction of vinylowiec.

Exhibitions at Propaganda:

Does God Play Dice?

Small is Big

In Between