Jarema Drogowski is a real firing squad if ideas. He has at least fifteen of them per second. For us it’s inspiring, tiring and fascinating in the same time. Drogowski, in contradiction to many artists, doesn’t think with a single medium and that makes his art extremely comprehensive. It can be street-art, painting or graphics. His art never emerges as an effect of work with a particular mean of expression, technique is always adjusted to the idea, not the other way round. Working with Jarema is like interacting with a pure definition of creativity. We respect and admire his artistic courage of crossing constantly safe boarders of the art world, that are demarcated by art galleries and studios. Drogowski has no fear to get out from this circle both with the working process and his art itself. He is not afraid to confront his ideas either with a live public space or with other artists. That makes him exceptional when it comes to team work. He jumps easily into outer situations and is always capable of adding his creativity, without bossing around. On the other hand, thanks to Jarema’s technical skills and solid artistic education, crossing the boarders of the art-world is not coincidental for him, but is an effect of a conscious artistic decision.

Exhibitions at Propaganda:


Who you are

Small is Big

In Beteween