Sharon Balaban

Sharon Balaban

Her works are cameral. Indeed in most cases made at home or studio, very seldom when she goes outside with camera. Usually they take a form of close-ups of the things, parts of the body, nature. She uses the simpliest means of expression, natural lighting, doesn’t care about scenography. Balaban’s films are short, last about several seconds and the longest about 2-3 minutes. In lapidary artpieces artist changes meanings of the objects, creates her own, new definitions. Water running from the tap reminds luminous feminine nude; small shell of boiled pasta with the aid of gust turns into vivid, organic form; swinging palm becomes go-go dancer; banana peel modifies to dead bird fluttering with it’s wings.

But the most important is complete awareness and certainty with which she decided on video medium. It brings her to personal artistic language, which can’t be replaced by painting, drawing or photography. Only the video recording is able to express specificity of Balaban’s artistic horizon.

Exhibitions at Propaganda:

Home Made Video

Blue the Most Beautiful Colour in the World