Jakub Ciężki, Parkiet IV, 2015, lakierobejca, emalia akrylowa i akryl na płótnie, 150 x 170 cm copy 2

Corporal Punishments

On the “Corporal Punishments” exhibition we present the newest series of works by Jakub Ciężki, which is a confrontation with the issue of school, connected with its opression and which is based in this context on the deep analysis of the relation between image, body and entity. In his hyperrealistic paintings, which are the abstract compositions as well, Ciężki encolsed the essence of contemporary education – the institutionalized power/knowledge system. 

This, what may appear to be a nostalgic presentation of recognisable for everyone school parquet floors, windows, doors and roofs, can be found not so much as a story about which methods school uses to educate, but above all, how this education can be physically felt. These paintings are like a child’s starring at a point, when the child is trying to re-establish its autonomy from the surroundings. Simultaneously, they are an unique painting experiment, which aspire to materialize that impression, to establish a physical relationship between the image and the viewer.

Exhibition lasts till 30.01.2016.