Anatomia samolotu

Airplane Anatomy

Once again, paintings and paintings only! Painting miraculously can and often is a response to everything that concerns us. Its existence is never without a reason, but may be surprising, unexpected, unconscious or in contrary created deliberately. Generally it is mixture of all of these opportunities, internal experiences, impossible to be captured in words, because words are not so important.

Airplane Anatomy exhibition by Włodzimierz Pawlak has a dramatic context. The cycle of abstract, geometric paintings was born under influence of tragic events of April 10th 2010 – the day of catastrophe of Polish presidential airplane in Smolensk. It became a starting point for research whether contemporary art, especially abstract painting, may resonate political and social context. Wlodzimierz Pawlak (b.1957) graduated in 1985 under the guidance of prof. Rajmund Ziemski at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. During the third year of studies he joined the Gruppa – one of the most subversive artistic formations of that period. Already in one of the first cycle of paintings – Pigs (1983) – Pawlak “slapped” the authorities, expressing the rebellious ideals which united Gruppa. His career developed further with series titled Educational Tables, followed by the period of Postmortem Notes and Memos. Finally he reached symbolic closure to the time of his involvement in public affairs with picture depicting events of 1989 – Poles Forming a National Flag. But even the most inbred, existential and theorizing Pawlak was never fully detached from the political and social context which he proves with Airplane Anatomy. Opening reception: Saturday August 4th 5pm – 8pm Exhibition lasts until 22th of September. REVIEWS: