Grupa Chochoły, Wesele, Propaganda, 2015


The Wedding exhibition presents works of five third- and fourth-year students from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, who, under the collective name Chochoły, focus on the artistic dialogue which is less and less present in today’s art world. We might say that the meaning of their activities is to democratize the educational process functioning at the academy.

As a group, they break the rhythm of the individual tutorials, credits, marks, and above all the ruthless rivalry that seems to get new generation artists minds under control. They absolutely consciously turn in their works to the unstable condition of the young artist – uncertain of its artistic identity, the success in artistic career, aesthetics, creative strategy and, ultimately, the ideology. As they know how their own path is indistinct already, easy to be blurred and susceptible to the influence of various, mostly false, notions and aspirations that shape the image of contemporary art, they decided to turn the whole situation and find a support (reference point) in their own community of seemingly contradictory interests. Chochoły do not have the program that can be defined within the art itself, they do not form the one, consciously common aesthetic language, or even a creative paradigm – mainly, their aim is to cooperate at the level of criticism, interpretation, stimulation, promotion and self-fulfillment.

The title of the exhibition, such as the name of the group, is an obvious reference to Stanisław Wyspiański and his attempts to guess of how the Polish society works. Chochoły try to understand the functioning of the contemporary art world – by observing it from a distance, looking at the “wedding” from the outside.

Agata Adamowska
Urszula Danielska
Magda Kowalska
Misia Łukasiewicz
Faustyna Makaruk

The vernissage will be held on June 13th from 5 PM to 8 PM.