Trzecie spotkanie / Third meeting


They have participated together in numerous group exhibitions but met each other in person only twice. For the first time it was during the 50th Venice Biennale when Stanisław Dróżdż prepared for Polish pavilion a monumental installation Alea iacta est. Few years before this event Roman Opałka presented in the same place his likewise monumental work Opałka 1965/1 – ∞

The second time was three years later on the occasion of Polish avant-garde exhibition in a small museum in Mouans Sartou, South of France. Two photographs register these meetings. Today in their afterlife they meet for the first time in their own joint exhibition.

They differ in that one was a poet and the other was a painter. Though actually they did not know each other, they have never corresponded, discussed, share their thoughts, it is surprising in how many points their attitudes are consistent with each other. Both were fascinated by the phenomenon of passing time, philosophical reflections on determinism and random chance. Equally they were fascinated by the game, even were admitting to gambling. They characterized by their precision of thinking, uncompromising creativity, iron consequence.

50 years have passed since Roman Opałka painted his first work from the series to which he devoted his whole life by counting its course by consecutive numbers. Almost simultaneously Stanisław Dróżdż found himself in concrete poetry and discovered the numbers for its language. He left behind several spectacular and diverse numerical works. Opałka painted two hundred and several dozen of his Details. The last, unfinished picture remains on the easel in his studio near Paris.

The vernissage will be held on Wednesday August 12th from 6 PM to 8 PM.