Małgorzata Turewicz, Pułapki


Steel wool, rubber tube, copper net, cable and aluminium wire are widely used in telecommunication, plumbing or cars, for Małgorzata Turewicz Lafranchi are the essential sculpture material. With these utilitarian subproducts she creates completely impractical objects, although their names may suggest a specific functions, like: badges embroidered with telephone cable, net traps and stones.

The artistic work of Małgorzata Turewicz Lafranchi is a kind of phenomenon. Born and educated in Poland, but developing her almost entire artistic career in Switzerland, determined by thither point of reference, she combines, in an extraordinary way, both fields of experience and both views of art. She “exported” from Poland strong tradition of avant-garde. By enriching it with deep interest in mathematics and Swiss mentality she creates art which is extremely original and highly precise.

With this exhibition we want to present the most valuable activities of the artist, and especially the achievements of recent years. This will be the first Turewicz Lafranchi’s show in Warsaw, after so long last absence. We are going to display her latest series of “Traps”, objects-sculptures made of industrial netting – deeply impressive and evoking unequivocal connotations through its simplicity. The cycle will be complemented by other objects, also made of basic, industrial materials.